5 Ways to Spring Clean for the Virgo Full Moon [March 2, 2018]

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My rising sign is Virgo, and this is where I find my desire to care for my body, to keep my space clean and to cleanse what holds me back. At the Virgo Full Moon, we have the powerful opportunity to use this energy of practicality, simplicity, cleansing, and grounding to change our lives from the ground-up. Here are five ways you can connect with the Virgo Full Moon energy.

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  • Do a Spring Clean of your home. March includes the first day of Spring, but in some parts of the world, Spring has already begun to make an appearance. Here in temperate Central Oregon, frost-hardy flowers are poking out of the soil, breaking up the wet monotony with joyful bursts of purple and yellow. Of course, the Spring also includes storms. The natural importance of storms is as a cleansing mechanism–they cast away or make apparent that whose time has passed, to make way for the new growth.
    In this vein, do a full Spring clean of your belongings. Get some help if you need to, and make it a sacred cleaning party: light candles and incense, put on music, maybe get one or two of your most objective, grounded friends, and go through your belongings for what you no longer use, or that you have never used, and would benefit others. Pack them away in the car to take to the nearest thrift store and start tackling your cleaning.
    If you can get the entire day of the Full Moon (or close to it) to do this–GREAT. If not, space it out over the course of the entire month, perhaps doing an intention ritual for it on the 2nd. You really want to get all the nooks and crannies, especially areas you would usually ignore, like your closets.


  • Do a Spring Clean of your psychic space. Conduct a full cleansing ritual of your energy. This would typically begin with a long, hot, meditative bath, with music, candles, relevant crystals, epsom salts, and essential oils; followed by censing (using the smoke of burning bundles of dried herbs such as sage, cedar, and lavender to cleanse the energetic space around your body), then a deep grounding and centering meditation.
    Remember: nature abhors a vaccuum. If you don’t fill the void itself, the Universe may fill it for you, and you may not agree with what it decides to fill it with. Once your cleanse yourself, set an intention/manifestation immediately. An easy way to do this is, after your grounding and centering, take a few deep breaths and imagine, in full sensory detail, that which you would like to bring into your life this full moon. If you would like to bring love into your life, use the power of your imagination to evoke the feeling that comes from being in love and being loved in return. If you would like financial stability, evoke the feeling of being abundant and confident in your ability to make (and spend) the money needed to live an abundant life, whatever that abundant life looks to you.


  • Spring Clean your body. This is an excellent time to cleanse your body of toxins. There is a profusion of cleansing programs out there, each one geared around different health theories. There’s juice fasts, liver cleanses, colon cleanses, candida cleanses, parasite cleanses, raw food cleanses, Ayurvedic cleanses, the Master Cleanse, Purium’s 10 Day Transformation Cleanse**… Whatever cleanse you choose, it will be a good way to kick-start your health journey.
    If cleanses aren’t for you–you’ve tried them and you hate them, can’t stick to them, they don’t work for you, you’re skeptical of their validity, et cetera–then there’s always the old health truism: more fruits, vegetables, and dark, leafy greens are your best options for health improvement, along with reducing red meat consumption (and meat consumption in general), reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, and reducing consumption of heavily processed grains.
    A cleanse can be helpful for kicking serious habits (you’re desperate to stop your coffee addiction, for example), but shifting your diet to more plants will be an excellent utilization of the Virgo Full Moon’s practical self-care. A great way to do this is signing up for a local CSA box, in which you get a box of farm-fresh veggies every week or month. I did that last growing season, and I had zero regrets: not only was my family eating more veggies than we ever had before, we had too many and had to give some away.


  • Spring Clean your priorities. Take a long, hard look at how you’re expending your time and energy. This may require keeping a notebook for a few days, recording what you do each day, how long each took, and how each affected your energy levels. After doing this, take out a piece of paper and write down what your priorities are–not what your notebook says they are, but rather what you think your priorities are. Now compare your new list of priorities to what your daily recordings show your priorities are. What needs to shift? How might you shift it to fit your new priorities? What do you need to let go of that holds you back from prioritizing what’s really important to your growth and happiness? Do you agree more with one list than the other, or are there things in each that you truly feel are important? How might you combine the two to best reflect who you truly are?
    Follow this by a ritual of cleansing on the day of the Virgo Full Moon, in which you write down time-and-energy-wasters from your life and burn them away, then affirm what your True Priorities are. Maybe you would like to, in ritual, map out a plan of how to re-create your life to reflect your new priorities; or perhaps you’d like to make a Full Moon vision board.


  • Spring Clean your Friends List. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” said motivational speaker Jim Rohn, and he’s partially right. While I believe that we, in any moment, hold the ability to stand centered in our power and speak our truth no matter who surrounds us (in fact, this is an incredible way to shake up your life and kick-start change, if you’re willing to deal with the consequences–that is, burned bridges), it is true that who you are surrounded by has a particular impact on how much you can accomplish and feel good about yourself.
    Take a good look at not only the people you’re surrounding yourself with in-person, but who you’re connecting with on social media. Virgos are very loyal friends, but being practical and grounded, they often see through people’s, well, bullshit better. Channel the energy of the Virgo Full Moon to objectively look at who in your newsfeed and your life fits the signs of a toxic friendship–and who lives their truth vibrantly and unapologetically and inspires/encourages you to do the same.
    I cannot stress the importance of loyal, supportive friends who are also inspiring af because of their strength, resilience, vulnerability, determination, creativity, and intelligence. The authentic, no-holds-barred, love-filled, laughter-strewn, tear-soaked exchange of energy that happens between true friends is an experience that is worth searching for, and worth working to keep.

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** = Enter my gift card code gaialunasol for $50 off your first purchase. I get a commission from your purchases, which means you get to support this blog and its present and future content.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the Full Moon?


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