A [slightly belated] Spring Equinox Bucket List


The Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, is a good time for looking back on your life (which I’ve done quite a lot lately), and for making plans for the future. In honor of that, here’s some things I want to do this spring as micro-steps to my own personal short-and-long term goals.

  • Go to a hot springs. I’ve lived in Oregon since September 2016 and I haven’t been to a hot springs. That trend ends this spring!
  • Perform at a poetry slam. I’ve been to several poetry slams in the last few months, and I haven’t yet gotten up the courage to read. I’ve always wanted the courage to get up in front of an audience. Actually, I’ve daydreamed about it quite frequently. This spring is the spring I read my poetry out loud to a group of strangers who may or may not judge me for my writing. Woohoo!
  • Get a potted plant and keep it alive. Y’all don’t want to know how many plants I’ve had that succumbed to my lack of gardening skills . . . the only ones that lived were several stinging nettle plants I planted outside and then let them fend for themselves. Last I heard from someone that still lives at the farm I was living at, those nettles are still thriving, despite blackberry bushes trying to choke them out. I’d love to have a nettle patch again, but being in an apartment, I really can’t.
  • Practice yoga for at least 5 minutes a day. I love yoga. I really do. But I also have a hard time doing it, because my inner New Ager believes I need to be able to do it for half an hour a day, if I’m going to do it at all. My more grounded inner Witch knows it takes a little at a time to build up to the big stuff, especially considering I’m dealing with a toddler who uses my body as a jungle-gym if I’m on the floor for any reason. So this spring I’m committing to 5 minutes of yoga a day, to be done when Luna is either distracted by a movie, or I happen to wake up slightly sooner than her.
  • Phase gluten and dairy out of my diet and go on a cleanse. My digestive system has been all kinds of wacky the last few weeks, and I wonder if those digestive issues are directly related to this depression and anxiety that’s been sucking the color out of my days. I’m not sure if gluten and dairy has anything to do with it, but it’s worth a shot–I’ll phase those two things out my diet, and go on a cleanse to flush my digestive system. The gut, after all, is considered to be the second brain–directly connected to our emotional health
  • Get up a half hour earlier every day, and . . .Β 
  • Create a morning routine that is emotionally & energetically supportive, and becomes habitual. I have long been aware that how my mornings go, affects the rest of my day. Because I’ve been battling depression and exhaustion lately (I’m constantly tired, even when I’ve gotten 8-10 hours of sleep), I want to create a sacred morning routine that takes little energy but gives a lot, and make it habitual. I’m committed to improving my emotional health, and along with physical self-care, this morning routine will be my mental and emotional self-care.
  • Make rune sets out of all the beach/river stones I have saved. I have a great big bag of beach and river stones that I collected last summer, and that I’ve been wanting to make into rune sets. I’ve created a few in the past, but my energy has been so low lately that I haven’t had the motivation. The nice thing about creating rune sets is that they require little energy. It’s a very hands-on, grounded activity. Because my creative spark has been very faint lately, this is a good way for me to spiritually connect via art, without a ton of output. Just some music, some rocks, paint, a few candles and some crystals, and voila–magick.
  • Finish my spring term at college with high scores. I just finished my first term, and it was such a great experience. I’m only taking one class at a time right now, since that’s all I have the energy for between being a mom and having a job (not to mention that taking more than one class at a time means sacrificing quality time with my daughter). I’m really looking forward to my second, more advanced writing class. Writing has been a personal passion since I was 6 years old, and getting more education into it has been something I’ve always planned to do. Now IΒ am doing it, and I’m so happy for it.
  • Paint a self portrait. Because self love.

What are you planning for the spring?



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