10 Things I Love About Wednesday Early Morning

Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 6.09.45 AM

  1. I love the way meditation shifts something key in me–something that causes me to instinctively be drawn to what is good for my mind, body, and spirit. I love how I naturally breathe deeper long after I’m done meditating. I love the way meditation gives me a willingness to be relaxed: a willingness to pass on the coffee because this feeling of soft quiet calm stillness is luscious and I want to carry it with me.
  2. I love Luna’s face as she sleeps, enraptured by her flight in the Dreaming.
  3. I love the smell of chicory root “coffee,” its bitter taste balanced by sweet dates and figs, and the warm hygge of it, curled steam next to a lightly dancing flame of a deep red candle on this pre-dawn spring morning.
  4. I love soft, soft, soft yoga pants, the colors of summer.
  5. I love waking up at 3:45 and laying dry-eyed in bed, staring at the ceiling, and I love consciously choosing to not wallow in my thoughts. I love consciously choosing to get up, roll out a yoga mat, and flow. I love consciously choosing to meditate. I love consciously choosing to allow my day to begin gently.
  6. I love returning to gratitude, returning to the breath and the heartbeat.
  7. I love the quiet of this apartment, the silence of sleeping children.
  8. I love the possibility of a new day; the possibility of an unplanned day. I love sitting here, encapsulated by peace, wondering at where this day will flow, knowing I’ll need energy to get through it but happy I’ll get through it with my daughter’s smile, and with the aid of my breath.
  9. I love knowing that whatever happens, no matter how stressful, I can stop and return to the ebb and flow of my breath, to my feet on the ground, to the presence of the sky.
  10. I love knowing there’s a ripe avocado waiting for me in my fridge. I love knowing how good it’s going to feel, spreading that on sprouted barley toast, topping it with an egg and salt and pepper. Maybe I’ll go really crazy and saute some maitake mushrooms and sandwich that in there.
    Hmm… I think that yoga and meditation made me hungry. 😉

What are you thankful for today?


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