About Me

meI’m Rebecca Faythe. I’m a mother, a witch, and a writer in an Oregonian city, where rain paints polka dots on pavement and the Wild leaks out from the forests to crawl along the tree-lined streets. I have an alter-ego named Bliss Diva, who comes out to play every time I start feeling that I might be straying off my soul’s path.

I’m convinced that my soul dwells in Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon simultaneously. My heart belongs to my little Maui moon child, the beauty of the earth, and words in all forms – story, poetry, song…

I created this blog as a method and inspiration of empowerment, for myself and for others.

You’ll see me writing about life as a mother, about numerous aspects of my philosophy and practice as a Witch, and about everything writing-related I can possibly think of.

me again

You will also see me writing about topics that branch off of those three categories, such as nutrition and health, entrepreneurship, love in all its forms, relevant political issues, my college education, and things that inspire me every day to grow, to learn, to create, and to effect change on personal, local, and global levels.

I will be posting regularly on Thursdays and Sundays, and perhaps sporadically throughout the rest of the week as my inspiration and free time fluctuates.


The beautiful photos of me that are featured in my header image and on this page were taken by Jennasea, a budding Alaskan photographer of astounding natural talent.