Have you ever felt so frustrated with your life circumstances, you feel like tearing your hair out and screaming? Or, have you ever had days your life circumstances felt so heavy that you felt helpless in the face of them? This past winter, I felt both. My mood, most of the time, reflected the weather--in … Continue reading visions

On Abundance.

Abundance is not something I manifest, nor strive for, nor reason into, nor realize, nor feel my way into, nor scheme into -- because it has never been, is not, and never will be separate from me.Β I am abundance. It drips from my pores and shines from my eyes, pours from my mouth and between my thighs, sings from my heart and flows in my veins.

A Review of Purium Kids Immune Shield

From about September 2017 to January 2018, my daughter was constantly sick. Whether it was the typical waterfalls of snot that got worse whenever she sneezed, or a chest-deep cough that interrupted our sleep, or fevers that came and went--for months, I stressed about her health. Nothing seemed to help. The doctors weren't much help, … Continue reading A Review of Purium Kids Immune Shield