picking up discipline after putting it down.

I’d sit here and lament about how noncommital I am when it comes to blogging, but in truth, it would just be me whining about something that’s been a thing with every blog I’ve had, so I’ll leave it at: it’s been ten days since my last post. 

In all seriousness, however, I would like to get more disciplined about my blogging practice. Actually, I want to be more disciplined in all areas of my life. The benefits of discipline are well documented and largely based on common sense; after all, consistent practice of just about anything will get anyone amazing results in no time. It’s only when we’re not consistent that we don’t see results.

For those who are into astrology, I’ve got an interesting mix of signs that are funny to look at when it comes to discipline. I’ve got a Gemini Sun — an air sign, for those who don’t know — which means I’m like a butterfly: very flighty, indecisive, and interested in many things, leading me to flit from one interest to another at whim,

Then there’s my Virgo Rising, which means I crave stability and consistency, and I am well aware of the benefits of discipline when it comes to my personal growth and health. My mom was a Virgo Sun, and she is one of the most stable and disciplined people I know. Unfortunately, having an airy sun and an earthy rising means it can be hard to honor both my longing for variety and my longing for a predictable rhythm. 

And then there’s my Pisces Moon. You can take that to mean I’m super emotional, sensitive, and daydreamy. 

So, I know that if I’m going get more disciplined in all areas of my life, I know that I need to take those three qualities of my personality into account. If I get too flighty, then my efforts at a daily rhythm are out the window pretty fast. If my days are too predictable, though, I get bored and pretty fast my routine ends up not a routine at all. My discipline also needs to leave lots of room for self-care, rest, and flights of the imagination.

I haven’t quite figured out how to do all that yet. I’ve tried a few times but something always seems to get in the way. For example: ten days ago I had a morning routine of yoga, pilates, hooping, meditation … then I got sick and felt like CRAP for a week, specifically in my digestive system, and ended up just plain not having the energy. So now I’m out of my rhythm, and my stress levels show the consequences (well, it’s mostly my financial situation’s fault for my stress levels. Work hours are cut back, it’s the holidays, I might have to sell off some things I really don’t want to sell just to get money for Christmas whatnots as well as my January rent and bills… but keeping a self-care routine would help those stress levels significantly. After all, wallowing in stress about money doesn’t exactly bring the money pouring in.).

But something I do know is that every day is a new opportunity, and every moment I can make the decision to take care of myself in a meaningful and healthful way. 

And perhaps that’s the key to a new discipline for me. I’ve got a calender, a journal, this blog; I can write down, as part of my morning routine, three things I want to accomplish that day. Then, whatever else happens, I have the stability of those three things. That method may provide what my adventurous self, my home-based self, and my emotional-self all need.

Okay then. Here’s my three things for today:

  1. Get my laundry done.
  2. Take Luna to the playground.
  3. Go get a Christmas tree.

There are other things I want to do, like meditate and stretch, but those three things are my priorities. 

I hope whoever reads this is having and continues to have a beautiful and blessed day of abundance, love, and fun. Get outside and breathe the November air. Eat something delicious and nutritious. Get your hygge on and light some candles while drinking hot cocoa and reading out loud together (that’s what I’ll be doing later while my laundry is in the washer and the rain comes down).