Have you ever felt so frustrated with your life circumstances, you feel like tearing your hair out and screaming? Or, have you ever had days your life circumstances felt so heavy that you felt helpless in the face of them? This past winter, I felt both. My mood, most of the time, reflected the weather--in … Continue reading visions

On Abundance.

Abundance is not something I manifest, nor strive for, nor reason into, nor realize, nor feel my way into, nor scheme into -- because it has never been, is not, and never will be separate from me.Β I am abundance. It drips from my pores and shines from my eyes, pours from my mouth and between my thighs, sings from my heart and flows in my veins.

10 Things I Love About Wednesday Early Morning

I love the way meditation shifts something key in me--something that causes me to instinctively be drawn to what is good for my mind, body, and spirit. I love how I naturally breathe deeper long after I'm done meditating. I love the way meditation gives me a willingness to be relaxed: a willingness to pass … Continue reading 10 Things I Love About Wednesday Early Morning

just. sit. down.

What does it take to achieve our dreams?   I've always wished it was like a magic spell -- just a lit candle, a chant, and a swish of a wand or the bubble of a brew: poof! All your dreams, manifested.   The hard part about becoming an adult is when becoming an adult … Continue reading just. sit. down.

holding on and letting go

We cannot hold on to what does not want to hold on to us. We can only hold onto our own power and sovereignty. We cannot hold on to what is not ours, if it doesn't wish to be held. We can only hold on to what is ours: our own beauty, magic, and power. … Continue reading holding on and letting go

I Am A Cyclical Wombyn

An ex once jokingly posted this cartoon to my Facebook timeline. He was referring to my tendency to get rather snippy and irritated around the full moon, but he was more accurate than I think he really understood. For a long time, I struggled with guilt about my inability to just "be happy" all the … Continue reading I Am A Cyclical Wombyn

14 Essential Care Package Items

When a loved one is struggling, it's easy to feel helpless in the face of it. We want to snap our fingers and solve their problem, even though we know it's not that simple. Recently, a friend of mine was struggling with depression. It hurt my heart to know that they were feeling that way, … Continue reading 14 Essential Care Package Items

Bliss Diva’s Guide to Post-Break-Up Healing

My daughter's father is a fantastic father. If the transition into fatherhood was hard for him, it was only because he had to go back to work so soon after her birth, and didn't get much of a chance to establish a relationship with her until a year and a half later. That was when … Continue reading Bliss Diva’s Guide to Post-Break-Up Healing