parenting goals.

I will teach my child what it means to be of the moon. I won't fight her sleeplessness: I will bundle her up and take her out under the stars. I won't fight her curiosity: I will coax her into the woods and lift up logs in search of bugs. I won't fight her aggression: … Continue reading parenting goals.

just. sit. down.

What does it take to achieve our dreams?   I've always wished it was like a magic spell -- just a lit candle, a chant, and a swish of a wand or the bubble of a brew: poof! All your dreams, manifested.   The hard part about becoming an adult is when becoming an adult … Continue reading just. sit. down.

a lot can happen in 3 years.

How is it possible? That you were a soft sleeping thing on a blanket on the tropical sand, three long and short years ago? Now you're this loud wild running laughing thing full of sweet and spice and silly in the chilly Oregon spring air.   How is it possible? That I was a sad … Continue reading a lot can happen in 3 years.

A Review of Purium Kids Immune Shield

From about September 2017 to January 2018, my daughter was constantly sick. Whether it was the typical waterfalls of snot that got worse whenever she sneezed, or a chest-deep cough that interrupted our sleep, or fevers that came and went--for months, I stressed about her health. Nothing seemed to help. The doctors weren't much help, … Continue reading A Review of Purium Kids Immune Shield