On Abundance.

Abundance is not something I manifest, nor strive for, nor reason into, nor realize, nor feel my way into, nor scheme into -- because it has never been, is not, and never will be separate from me.Β I am abundance. It drips from my pores and shines from my eyes, pours from my mouth and between my thighs, sings from my heart and flows in my veins.

holding on and letting go

We cannot hold on to what does not want to hold on to us. We can only hold onto our own power and sovereignty. We cannot hold on to what is not ours, if it doesn't wish to be held. We can only hold on to what is ours: our own beauty, magic, and power. … Continue reading holding on and letting go

A [slightly belated] Spring Equinox Bucket List

The Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, is a good time for looking back on your life (which I've done quite a lot lately), and for making plans for the future. In honor of that, here's some things I want to do this spring as micro-steps to my own personal short-and-long term goals. Go to … Continue reading A [slightly belated] Spring Equinox Bucket List