just. sit. down.

What does it take to achieve our dreams?   I've always wished it was like a magic spell -- just a lit candle, a chant, and a swish of a wand or the bubble of a brew: poof! All your dreams, manifested.   The hard part about becoming an adult is when becoming an adult … Continue reading just. sit. down.

A [slightly belated] Spring Equinox Bucket List

The Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, is a good time for looking back on your life (which I've done quite a lot lately), and for making plans for the future. In honor of that, here's some things I want to do this spring as micro-steps to my own personal short-and-long term goals. Go to … Continue reading A [slightly belated] Spring Equinox Bucket List

I Am A Cyclical Wombyn

An ex once jokingly posted this cartoon to my Facebook timeline. He was referring to my tendency to get rather snippy and irritated around the full moon, but he was more accurate than I think he really understood. For a long time, I struggled with guilt about my inability to just "be happy" all the … Continue reading I Am A Cyclical Wombyn

5 Ways to Spring Clean for the Virgo Full Moon [March 2, 2018]

My rising sign is Virgo, and this is where I find my desire to care for my body, to keep my space clean and to cleanse what holds me back. At the Virgo Full Moon, we have the powerful opportunity to use this energy of practicality, simplicity, cleansing, and grounding to change our lives from … Continue reading 5 Ways to Spring Clean for the Virgo Full Moon [March 2, 2018]