the things that make me weird.

This past week, I jumped on the bandwagon of reading Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell (I plan to do a review of it at a later time). One of the points she talks about in it is the fact that often what makes us ‘weird’–the parts of ourselves we sometimes feel ashamed of, or wish we could change–are often exactly the sort of qualities that support our souls, and souls’ calling. The sooner we embrace them, the better.

In this blog, I’m wanting to practice being authentically me. Embracing my whole self, rather than painting a picture of who I want to be. I’ve had a lot of blogs in the past, and though I enjoyed writing on all of them, once I stopped accepting my weird (around the same time I conceived Luna, and aaaaaall kinds of shame and emotional patterns I didn’t know I had, but that’s a story for another post), I stopped being able to consistently keep one blog going, much less one blog with authentic and quality content.

I’m hoping that by being authentically me here, I’ll inspire others to be authentically themselves, as well.

Here’s some things I wrote down during my reading of LITNB about some things that make me weird, but that I secretly love about myself, despite feeling ashamed by them when in the company of people who don’t accept my weird (in fact, I can tell these days who I actually need in my life by the level at which they accept my weird).

  • I’m more interested in solving the world’s problems with an optimistic heart. I believe that joy enhances the process and the results of the world-healing and problem-solving so many of us are trying to do.
  • I LOVE all things woo-woo, witchy, and goddessy.
  • I’d pick a kid’s movie over any other genre any day.
  • I’m interested in all people and their life stories. Judgement feels icky to me. If I don’t vibe with someone, I want to know why I feel that way, and I have the urge to have conversations with that person so that my preconceived notions can be flipped on their head. (This is a quality I’ve had to learn to balance with caution.)
  • I can be silly and serious at the same time. I love making jokes about what I’m also very serious talking about.
  • I’d rather do things that light me up inside. I feel my feelings–I can’t help to, honestly, being a Pisces Moon–but I am not the sort of person who’ll stay wallowing in them for days. I’ll have a one day pity party, and then I’m back to doing the things that make me feeling amazing. Blame it on my fun-loving Gemini Sun.
  • Laughter, hugs, and good food shared are the solution to most ills.
  • I love plans and lists, but I love to live day by day even more.
  • I feel all the things and their opposite at the same time.
  • I highly value my home life, privacy, and alone time–I need it in regular doses in order to feel centered and grounded.
  • I’m very eloquent when expressing myself in writing, but not so much when speaking out loud! Talking out loud, I can’t seem to connect my heart/head to my voicebox.
  • Hanging out in cafes, just drinking tea or coffee, and reading/writing for hours is SO FUN.
  • Walking = absolute daily necessity for sanity.
  • I value slowness, quiet, and freetime just as much as I value wildness, stimulation, and loudness.
  • Making people feel good makes me feel good; when people reject my sweetness, compliments, optimism, or silliness, I stop feeling comfortable around them.

What makes you weird? Comment below ❤