i walk through the valley of my own shadow.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUclh2JkMr8 The sky is a cold winter blue; a few smudged lines of peach cloud linger over the forested hill where the sun will soon rise. A mug of yerba mate sends wisps of steam into the quiet room. No one else is awake yet -- my favorite time of day.ย I light a stick of … Continue reading i walk through the valley of my own shadow.

Monday Obsessions.

spotify obsessions: what i've had on repeat this week Xiuhtezcatl 's album Break Free. This extraordinary man is the rapper version of Nahko Bear (who I've been a fan of for years). If you like music centered on spiritual activism, you'll love this artist.Fearless Soul's playlist Spiritual Workout - Intense Presence EDM Gym Fitness Workout. … Continue reading Monday Obsessions.